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We help today's leading organizations gain confidence that their place in the next wave of innovation is secured

As a collective of highly technical engineers and developers offering deep security expertise, Praetorian solves the toughest challenges faced by today's leading organizations across an ever-evolving digital threat landscape. Our solutions enable clients to find, fix, stop, and ultimately solve cybersecurity problems across their entire enterprise and product portfolios.


We are united by core values

Put the customer first.

Everything else will work itself out.

Make Craters.

Seek success and significance through impactful work.

Follow your passion.

If your vocation is your avocation, You Will never work a day in your life.

Performance matters.

This is a small company trying to do big things. Every individual effort counts.

Try harder.

Failure is inevitable, but fortitude will prevail. Understand that nothing is impossible.

Orient to action.

Make decisions. Make mistakes. Just take the initiative.

Follow the Data.

Constantly pressure test your beliefs by examining believability, reasoning, and facts.

Default to open.

Bias towards brutal truth over hypocritical politeness.

Support your team.

It's about the person to your left and the person to your right.

Infect with positivity.

Positive thinking from positive people creates positive outcomes with contagion.

Be humble.

No one wants to work with or hear from an asshole.

Embrace the wobble.

Enduring success in this field requires innovation, reinvention, and change.


We act as extensions of your team offering deep security expertise

Praetorian is a collective of highly technical engineers and developers with decades of industry experience. Our singular focus on information security solutions delivers unbiased expertise.

The value we provide stems directly from our engineering culture - a continuous pursuit of efficiency and improvement in all operations. From proprietary methodologies and toolsets to project management and back office operations, we deliver quality results while decreasing your costs.

We are bringing together the world's security expertise

A collective of
security expertise


Highly technical engineers and developers with deep security expertise.

Powered by
an engineering culture


The value we provide stems directly from our engineering culture.

Driven to innovate
across technology


A continuous pursuit of efficiency and improvement in all operations.

Determined to have an
impact and make craters


Our mission, to solve the security problem, is long-term and absolute.

We are trusted experts devoted to advancing the field of cybersecurity

Our people are the top 5%—software developers, computer scientists, and electrical engineers recognized as researchers, open source developers, speakers, and authors. Our enthusiasm for security is tangible and is a major reason our team stays together—another benefit to our clients who value having consistency in service delivery year after year.

Praetorian's founder and CEO, Nathan Sportsman, is a contributing author to several of the world's bestselling books on hacking, including the Hacking Exposed series.