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SecureLayer7 SAAS Platform

Meet your cloud access security broker (CASB) requirements with our integrated platform that provides detailed SaaS visibility and granular control, data governance, automated risk remediation and malware prevention. This way you never lose visibility into your data or applications and can apply granular policy and control at all times.

We help developers solve complex security problems so they can disrupt industry and change the world

Between project deadlines and user demand for new features, security generally is not the highest priority for development teams. Too often, identifying and remediating vulnerabilities is seen as a task performed during the testing phase at the tail end of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

When it comes to secure coding, this reactive secure development approach is setting software teams up for failure. To achieve true improvement, security should be integrated over the entire SDLC. Benefit from our research-driven methodologies that incorporate guidance from the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard.

SecureLayer7 comprehensive application security assessments that are unified through software to help your team identify vulnerabilities and address complex application security challenges.


Find, track, and prioritize application vulnerabilities

Depending on the level of rigor required, we employ a variety of security assessment techniques for uncovering unknown vulnerabilities, including threat modeling, code reviews (static analysis), penetration testing (dynamic analysis), and reverse engineering.

Accelerate remediation and secure software release cycles

We have webified the entire service experience through a new Security-as-a-Service offering that provides a centralized view of all of your third-party security assessments with easy exportation and integration options for remediation tracking.

Software development life cycle (SDLC) security integration

Praetorian works with your team to integrate security activities over the entire software development process. The end goal of secure SDLC integration is to drive and empower developers to perform secure activities as part of their standard process.
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Why work with SecureLayer7 cybersecurity?

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