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About Us

SecureLayer7 is an international provider of integrated business information security solutions with an innovative approach to IT security.

Unlike most IT security firms, SecureLayer7 combines the best automated solutions with an extensive manual security testing methodology based on multiple industry-tested and case-specific solutions.

SecureLayer7 is a group of highly technical security engineers with decades of industry experience including development. We deliver actionable, accurate assessments that produce tangible security improvements and we deliver quality results with minimum cost.

SecureLayer7 - A Quick Introduction

Quick Introduction

We were born in 2012 by a group of information security consultants who hold vast experience in cyber security domain. Our team knows the art of helping business clients to confront the increasingly sophisticated mutations of threats that too often challenge the IT security.

Some of our services include Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Network Security Audit, Web Malware Removal, Telecom Security Audit, Server Security Hardening, Mobile Application Security, Security Assessments and Source Code Audit.

Company Presence

SecureLayer7 is registered in Delaware, United States, and has offices in Pune and Aurangabad in India. We have also established our firm in Dubai.

SecureLayer7 - Company Presence
SecureLayer7 - A Quick Introduction

Delivering Value

We help organizations to identity and understand the potential risks their systems could contain and prioritize those risks accordingly. This help us to allocate resources in the most cost-effective way.

During each engagement, SecureLayer7 engineers will make an effort to reach out to you regularly and communicate high risk immediately. At the end of each engagement, we will deliver a comprehensive report that is valuable to both technical and executive levels. For the technical staff, we convey the list of immediate threats which need to be worked on. Along with this, we also recommend the appropriate responses. For the executive staff, we clearly communicate the systematic issues and prioritize risk management strategies based on resource constraints and risk goals.

Engagement WorkFlow

At SecureLayer7, we follow the following engagement workflow for working with the clients.
Engagement WorkFlow

Added Advantages of SecureLayer7 services

SecureLayer7 believes in both preventive and curative security solutions at the earliest possible opportunity.

We therefore, provide added security services to our clients to neutralize any IT security threat before it becomes a critical problem.

Our added advantage website security solutions include:

Zero Day Security Threat Alerts

Our IT security threat detection team continuously monitors our client's infrastructure for Zero Day vulnerabilities and alerts our clients by email regarding the security threat is being detected.

Real Time Solutions

Our security engineers are on standby 24/7 to monitor your system for the infections. So, always remember that we are just a call and an email away!