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Application Penetration Testing

Applications are the favourite target of the attacker, and if the application not undergone through penetration testing, then there are high chances of application's might running with vulnerabilties. Using these vulnerabilities, it may lead to the massive user data breach. We at SecureLayer7 perform the application penetration testing to identify the critical vulnerabilities.

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Mobile Application Security

Mobile Application Pentenetration Testing

Public sector to private sectors today are using mobile apps to provide the best services to users. Due to the surge of mobile apps use, cyber criminals are targeting and compromising mobile applications by finding new vulnerabilities in the apps. We at SecureLayer7 find vulnerabilities in iOS and Android Platforms using our proven mobile application penetration testing methodology.

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Source Code Audit

Source Code Audit

Source Code Audit and Review is an effective method of discovering undiscovered bugs, backdoors, and vulnerabilities in the source code which otherwise are overlooked in the black and grey box pentest.

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Website Malware Removal

ICO Security

Planning for the launching the Initial Coin Offering? ICO is cybercriminal's favourite target, and before cybercriminal attacks on the ICO secure smart contracts, wallets, and web applications with SecureLayer7. At SecureLayer7 ICO security is a combination of the smart contract audit, wallets, infrastructure and application penetration test.

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The war between information defenders and information thieves has been delineate as a cat-and-mouse game. High-tech companies create products and services that technically savvy people are keen to “hack” in the original sense of the word. Thus, protection from such cyber strikers is vital and must be considered as a top most priority.

Technology Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks today are bifurcated and can start with a malware being downloaded into a system or via a web application being hacked. And the world is increasingly falling prey to such cyber-attacks.the banks additionally possess information of several users. So, for cyber criminals, attacking banks offers multiple avenues for profit through extortion, theft, and fraud. Banks and financial institutions in the Middle East as well as in India are also victims of major data theft and fraud, causing huge losses to them annually, besides incurring customers wrath..

Globally, the healthcare industry has faced a torrential rain of cyber-attacks. Cyber-hackers are tracking the healthcare industry and are considering healthcare organizations as an easy target, especially when compared to the banking, industrial, and other domains. The dark net continues to increase, even the largest companies in the healthcare industry have fallen victim to many data breaches.

Healthcare Cybersecurity

Energy security is no longer just about shortages of supply. The key issue is the integrity of the computer systems through which supply, processing and distribution are managed. Hence, cyber security is very essential, and because the energy business is mainly run by private companies, their systems are prime targets for both criminals and hostile governments.

Energy Cybersecurity

Potential attacks on cars are no longer reduced to carjacking as it is now possible to cyber-attack vehicles remotely as well. With the increase of autonomous driving and availability of new software which having a strong role in overall vehicle functions, the question lies who really is responsible for such a mishap?

Automotive Cybersecurity

Data breaches in the manufacturing industry have accounted for more than one-third of all reported data breaches in the year 2017. The manufacturing industry is likely to remain a prominent target for cyber criminals. Hence, manufacturing companies must take a proactive approach to security in 2018 and beyond.

Manufacturing Cybersecurity

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Our security engineers have strong expertise in their field, and many of the leading organizations have shown and keep showing faith in their knowledge and integrity, some of which include:
Central Desktop - PGi
Finding vulnerabilities before launching cyberinfrastructure on the internet is now an essential process of our company. SecureLayer7 identified the high-risk vulnerabilities and provided the mitigation for security bugs.
Arnulf Hsu
Central Desktop Inc.

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