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Meet SecureLayer7's Leadership Team


Kishor Desarda

Founder | CEO

Kishor is someone who brings years of financial and operational experience to SecureLayer7. As a CEO, he directs SecureLayer7’s finance, accounting and legal functions.

Kishor is also responsible for SecureLayer7’s rapid expansion and strategic growth. He led financial operations during the fastest growing period in the history of the company, in excess of 65% year by year.

Prior to co-founding SecureLayer7, Kishor has been a proud owner of Gazon Communications India, which is an ISP company. At Gazon Communication, he led the company through its rapid growth and acquisition.

Kishor belongs to engineering background. And he can be reached at the following: kishor@securelayer7.net and on Linkedin.


Sandeep Kamble

Founder | CTO

As a founder and CTO of SecureLayer7 Technologies Private Limited, Sandeep has been responsible for setting the overall strategy and direction of the company. Sandeep takes care of the technical team. In this capacity, he is responsible to lead, direct and execute client facing engagements that includes SecureLayer7’s tactical service offerings.

Sandeep has developed a professional services division along with SecureLayer7’s core methodologies. He has been a helping hand in training new employees on the latest hacking techniques to find vulnerabilities.

He has been an active core team member of security community known as Garage4Hackers. Sandeep is also a senior security researcher and a developer. As a security professional, he has managed to debunk critical vulnerabilities / bugs in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, PayPal and many others. He has been a speaker at many international security conferences like ClubHack in 2012 and Jailbreak NullCon in 2013.

Sandeep can be reached at sandeep@securelayer7.net and on Twitter, LinkedIn.