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Mobile Application Security Methodology.

Vulnerability Analysis
Reconnaissance and Enumeration
Mapping and Service Identification
Application Scanning
Application Analysis
Strategic Mitigation
Re Validation

Mobile Application Security Assessment

Either your organization develops a mobile application or it is a business consumer of it. There is no denying of the fact that mobile applications are one of the greatest source of exploitation today.

Mobile applications suffer from known to unknown vulnerabilities which are very similar when compared to web applications and desktop applications. These vulnerabilities can be tracked down and identified by our mobile application penetration testing technique, which detects any kind of flaws & vulnerabilities in the mobile applications and its infrastructure.

So, are you confident that your mobile application is secured from all types of attacks? If not then we are your one stop solution!

Get help from SecureLayer7 and not just get protected but also feel protected.

What Securelayer7 offers ?

SecureLayer7 mobile application security scheme is designed to suit the best of client's needs. The assessment procedure tests the local application as well as the third party. Also, they test the enterprise web services which handles the back end of the system. The application is tested statistically as well as dynamically. Automated testing is accompanied with a manual review. SecureLayer7 looks at the application on the whole and not just the brunch of code placed on your server or the application running on the device thus, ensuring complete information about vulnerabilities and complete security against the attacks and the attackers.

Mobile Device Management Assessment

Most of the corporate businesses which provide their employees with mobile devices, use MDM applications like Blackberry Enterprise servers or third-party device management server. Our team conducts a security assessment of these servers to identify improper configurations or policies which are not in compliance with the organization's security policy and best practices.

Application Source Code Review

Although most critical security issues can be discovered by an application assessment, a source code review helps discover underlying code issues which may not be apparent in the exposed user interface. We can review source code for applications of different platforms such as Blackberry OS, iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows.

Application Security Assessment

Now-a-days, companies introduce their own mobile applications to ease down the manner in which they interact with their employees as well as for the transactions conducted. Applications which involves mobile trading, mobile banking, mobile wallet, etc. need to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their customer data and the availability of their services. We at SecureLayer7 help you to identify vulnerabilities in your applications. We also provide recommendations on how to ensure that the attacker does not abuse your application nor does he compromise your client's information.

Implementation of End-point Security Solutions

If you are looking to integrate endpoint mobile devices into your infrastructure, then the very first step is to ensure that they are well protected from all kinds of malware. Also, we need to make sure that all such devices are in conformity with the organization's security policies. SecureLayer7 helps you to identify and set up solutions which are best suited for your unique organization policies and network architecture. You can completely rely on our years of experience in information security domain. This helps us to deliver to review the top of the line products and suggest the best option for your needs.

SecureLayer7 Service and Deliverables


Identification of vulnerabilities in the client's system along with the knowledge of major areas of exploitation is very vital. But what is more important is to be able to convey all this information to the client in a clear and concise way. SecureLayer7 generates a report includes all the information about the security controls assessed. It also talks about the analysis of the areas that need to be looked into for achieving the required amount of security.
The report is systematically designed into two parts: the high-level management report, which is suitable for the understanding of management personnel. And the low-level report which delivers an in-depth technical document for the technical staff to understand the underlying risks. The report also recommendations and provides preventive countermeasures.Download the sample VAPT Report and VAPT Datasheet.

Supported Platform'S


The most common risks for your iOS device could include downloading of third-party applications, phishing, backdoor attacks, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc. Jailbreaking is another threat one has to be aware of! Keydnap is a backdoor Trojan which steals passwords. WireLurker is a malicious code which will connect to the device via USB and starts to install itself and auto-run on the device. Crypto jacking attacks are the newly found vulnerabilities in the iOS world.


Downloading of malicious files onto the mobile is a major threat to the Android device. The opening of backdoors into a device that allows attackers to take control is another form of a threat which is faced. Devices can be easily infected by Trojans, keyloggers and various forms of malware. These attacks can drain bank accounts, steal identities, etc. NFC worms and SMS Trojan viruses.