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The Network Security Service at SecureLayer7 will help you understand and cope with the technology, guide you in having the right products and improvements, and most importantly, identify the threats that the organization's network is currently facing.

Some of the popular attacks are DDoS attacks, network-based ransomware attack, rogue security software, Trojan horse, adware and spyware, computer worm, etc. And addition to this, new threats are also on the rise. Some of them include cryptojacking, driven by download attacks, botnets, rootkit, APT threats, etc.

Service benefits

Every security network requires continuous testing to ensure that the network is effective, accurate, and productive, while simultaneously maintaining acceptable performance.
SecureLayer7 engineers are always striving to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies in the field of network security. This knowledge is continuously applied in the advancement of the network testing approach used at SecureLayer7.
We aim at providing you with the best service and are committed to achieve this aim. We provide the client with a detailed knowledge about their current network infrastructure along with consultation about the strategies for mitigation and attempts at remediation.


Network Testing



This is the first phase of the test, and enumerates the internet facing network of your organization.

Vulnerability Assessment:

The next stage would be to run automated scanners such as Nessus or any other.

Attack Analysis:

We source exploits from those found on the Internet, IRC channels, as also those that we have coded. Our pen-testers are very well-versed with the open source Metasploit Framework and we typically use it to code our own exploits.


Exploitation involves actually carrying out the vulnerability’s exploit which is buffer overflow in an effort to be certain if the vulnerability is truly exploitable.

Risk Assessment:

We intended to deliver, rank and prioritize findings and generate a clear and actionable report, complete with evidence, to the project stakeholders.

SecureLayer7 Service and Deliverables


The identification of vulnerabilities in your system along with the knowledge of major areas of exploitation is critical. But what is more important is to be able to convey to you all this information in a clear and concise way. This report will include all the information about the security controls assessed as well as an analysis of the areas that need to be looked into for achieving the required amount of security.
The report is systematically designed into two parts: the high level management report suitable for the understanding of management personnel, and an in-depth technical document for the technical staff to understand the underlying risks along with recommendations and preventive countermeasures. download the sample VAPT report and VAPT datasheet using following link.